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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long Overdue

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've updated this thing.  The horses are doing great, been working around my place, and without sheep, my place is completely overgrown cause the horses don't eat it down like the sheep did.  I think I'll be mowing a whole lot more this year than in years past ... or picking up a few goats or something.  It's nice not having the sheep around for the dogs to be magnetized to, though.  They're just ... dogs.  Love it.

I have tons of photos of places I've ridden ... but I'm not going to post them all here.  But here's a small taste ...

My friend Katie at work has a friend named Joe who wanted to learn how to ride.  So I put him on Kahlua and the first ride I took him on was the 4-H ride out at Blackstock Ranch.  Gorgeous day, fun ride!

The following day, we rode out at Joe's place.  He lives out near Murphy and his land backs up to BLM.

We also did the St. Jude ride at Wilson Creek ...

Some friends and I then went to the top of Jump Creek.  This was an amazing ride.  So much open land to explore there. The canyon was breathtaking, but I couldn't get a good shot of it.

Went to Bogus Basin with Phyllis' husband, Craig ... and we had a blast!  What a beautiful place!  The horses were awesome!  Rode 12 miles between storms and almost made it to Stack Rock, but decided to head back and still got hit by the storm.  What fun!

Karen and I took my horses out to Sands Basin area (French John Rd) and went and found the Charles Brown grave site.  Some history behind that, and it was fun to find it ... it's sort of the back side of Jump Creek.  Wide open area that I will definitely be heading back to.

And the other day, I went for a ride at the lake with the Ten Mile Riding Club.  This isn't the most exciting ride, but trotted and loped most of the way, pushed Kahlua pretty hard, and had a great time!  Man, am I sore!  But scheduled to ride the lake again on Thursday, only this time I'm going to take Buck and ride bareback for the first time as an adult.  Should be interesting.

We took the horses into the lake ...

Some further than others ... LOL!

Have a couple of fun, short weekend trips planned.  Heading to New Meadows on in the middle of June, and up to Bear Valley in July.  Can't wait!