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D.O.B. - 11/19/2001

Zip came to me from a working cattle ranch in Glenns Ferry, Idaho.  He's taught me a lot about working sheep and he's come to be the dog I've depended most on for years.  He's never quit on me and will try anything I ask him to do.  He's got quite a bit of eye, is very biddable, and never leaves anything behind.  We've done some arena trialing together, learning together the in's and out's of the various herding venues.  Zip's earned his AHBA Championship and his advanced level titles in sheep and ducks in ASCA.  (I'm not fond of cattle, so we never finished his ASCA Championship.)  We dabbled a bit in USBCHA until a foot injury laid him up for about a year.  I retired him from trialing, and keep him as my main ranch dog here.  He helps me train the young ones, and occasionally I'll allow novices to work with him to teach them the way he once taught me.


D.O.B.:   6/12/2007

Echo came to me via Don Helsley.  Don's Blue sired a litter by Ron Garner's female, Sas.  Echo is about 3 1/2 years old now, and is different than any dog I've ever worked before.  I've had to completely change my style of handling throughout the course of training her, but I believe it's made me a better handler for it.  She's taught me a lot about my body pressure, the tone of my voice, whistles, etc.  I've done very little arena trial stuff with her, but ran her in a few USBCHA trials.  She is a joy to own, fun to train with, and a pleasure to watch work!  She throws some pretty cute puppies, too!


D.O.B.:  3/4/2010
Nicknames:  Reeses Pieces, All Da Pieces, Pieces of Reeses

Meet Reese!  Reese is the pup I kept out of Echo's litter.  She has been a kick in the pants to raise, train and hang out with.  She's smart as a whip (gee, really), sweet as can be (what pup isn't?) and a joy to be around.  Echo was quite serious when she was a pup, and Reese couldn't be any further from that.  She is a comic, loves life, and loves people and loves water and loves birds and bugs and things and oh my goodness what is that?  And off she goes.  She has been a very bright spot in my life and really helped me through the loss of my buddy, Jag. 

She has grown into a lovely, gorgeous, very busy dog.  She is all about me, though, and making sure I'm happy.  She wants to be right and it's all that matters to her.  She is handling the pressure of training very well, and is maturing up very nicely.  I love working this little dog, and even moreso, I love having her around -- as nutty as she is.