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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Did you ever run into someone you haven't seen in a while ... and have a completely one-sided conversation with them?  You ask, "How are you?" and they respond with, "Great!" ...  (pause) ... So you say, "What have you been up to?" ... and they tell you all about their adventures ... (pause) ... And you continue to ask about their lives and their animals and their friends, etc. ... and not once do they ask you how you are, what's been going on in your life, or even spend more than two seconds to thank you for doing them a favor, which is why you ran into them in the first place.

And you walk away not one bit surprised when you consider the source.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forever Freezing

I love winter, but this is getting ridiculous.  It hasn't been above freezing in weeks.  I keep my house colder than most, but my bed stays nice and warm with that new heated mattress pad.  That is the greatest invention ever!

The weigh loss continues and I feel great!  The nice thing is that I'm not killing myself with some fad diet, and my eating habits won't change much when I get to my goal weight.  (Did you see that?  I said "when"!!!  Ha!)  And something I realized the other day ... the weight is coming off despite that I'm more sedentary right now that I have been since this time last year when I hurt my back and was wracked with depression over losing my brother (which I will never get over.)  Hopefully, the weight will come off a little faster when I am back to riding all the time.  I'm excited to have finally gotten my head in the right place and really started putting some effort into taking care of myself physically.  I haven't felt this good in years!  And now I just can't wait until the sun starts to come out and warm it up a bit to go riding.

And Kahlua ... poor thing.  I feel so bad for her out there in the cold.  I want to bring her in and let her lay on the couch while I feed her chips and dip or something.  I put her blanket on her for a few days, but I've always been told that horses' bodies deal, so I had mixed feelings about it.  The more people you talk to, the more opinions you get.  So I took it off her.  A few days later, I found a very informative post on The Equestrian Vagabond site that make me feel better in knowing I was doing the right thing.

Here's a few photos from my place yesterday morning.

 Everything is just frozen.

I drove over to my friend's house and here's what her street looks like.

Couple of random photos...

 I had Reese with me for the day, and she was awesome.  We went and picked up a bit of grass hay,  looked at a house for sale for my friend, came back to my place and off-loaded the hay, and then we went out to Chad's place to check out a couple of horses he had for sale out in Caldwell.  I think we're going to try to go riding next weekend in the Owyhees ... maybe Wilson Creek or something ... as I think the weather might warm up a bit this week and melt some of this white shit that I am so sick of!  Ha!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I lost ... a bag of dog food~!

Ok, enough is enough already.  I'm done with the snow now.  It's beautiful, but not something I want to ride in.

I picked up my new breast collar today!  This was also made by Jeff Attebery, and the workmanship on it is amazing.  I can't wait to try it out on Kahlua.

And ....... as of today, I've lost 40 lbs!  That's an entire large bag of dog food!  Could you imagine hauling one of those around with you everywhere you go, every day?  The bad news is ... I have another one to lose!  Justin did it.  He lost 105 lbs., looks amazing, and is my inspiration.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some Winter Shots

I am really pretty happy with this little camera I bought.  For what it is, it takes some really nice photos.  Just a point and shoot that fits well in my pommel bag.  Now if the snow would just melt so I can go riding. 

Anyway ... this morning ... it was a tad bit chilly.

Saw some goofy little video on youtube where someone boiled some water, took it outside, threw it up in the air and it turned to steam.  So I thought I'd try it, fully knowing that it probably wasn't cold enough out to work.

Ha!  Yeah, yeah ... I know ... I need a life.  Deciding I obviously need something to do, I fed the girl (she said she was as hungry as a horse!  whodathunkit?) ...

... and headed over to good neighbor Dean's house.

He is so much fun to listen to.  He has so much history stored in his brain, along with some stories that would make my hair curl if I was the sensitive type!  LOL.  There is not a better person alive, if you ask me.

He's got some visitors ... a fat cat he calls "Trash" and a female he calls "the Bitch."  Well, the bitch has a couple of mini bitches with her.  And I just think this one is adorable.  I can't figure out why, since I can't stand yellow Border Collies or yellow horses.  But this little kitten is as cute as the day is long.  Feral.  Took the photo through the window.

These here are a couple of awful photos, but cool subject.  Taken from way-too-long a distance for that little camera, this guy was hanging out up in the tree across from Dean's house.  I believe it to be a juvenile bald eagle.

I drove down and took another couple of shots of it, but nothing worth posting.  I have tons that look just like the ones above.  Here are the only other two that I'd bother with.

Haven't dragged my bird book out yet to properly identify it yet. 

Got back home and took some more photos of the girl.

And her frozen little snot nose.

Can't wait to go riding again. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Rare Event!

I normally don't catch Kahlua doing anything besides being the perfect horse ... ever.  Thought it was a crack up when I saw this.  Look at her go! 

Oh, and right at 00:52, take a look at the black marking on her left hip.  Every time I see it, I see a Kerry Blue Terrier head study ... like this.

See it?