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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some Winter Shots

I am really pretty happy with this little camera I bought.  For what it is, it takes some really nice photos.  Just a point and shoot that fits well in my pommel bag.  Now if the snow would just melt so I can go riding. 

Anyway ... this morning ... it was a tad bit chilly.

Saw some goofy little video on youtube where someone boiled some water, took it outside, threw it up in the air and it turned to steam.  So I thought I'd try it, fully knowing that it probably wasn't cold enough out to work.

Ha!  Yeah, yeah ... I know ... I need a life.  Deciding I obviously need something to do, I fed the girl (she said she was as hungry as a horse!  whodathunkit?) ...

... and headed over to good neighbor Dean's house.

He is so much fun to listen to.  He has so much history stored in his brain, along with some stories that would make my hair curl if I was the sensitive type!  LOL.  There is not a better person alive, if you ask me.

He's got some visitors ... a fat cat he calls "Trash" and a female he calls "the Bitch."  Well, the bitch has a couple of mini bitches with her.  And I just think this one is adorable.  I can't figure out why, since I can't stand yellow Border Collies or yellow horses.  But this little kitten is as cute as the day is long.  Feral.  Took the photo through the window.

These here are a couple of awful photos, but cool subject.  Taken from way-too-long a distance for that little camera, this guy was hanging out up in the tree across from Dean's house.  I believe it to be a juvenile bald eagle.

I drove down and took another couple of shots of it, but nothing worth posting.  I have tons that look just like the ones above.  Here are the only other two that I'd bother with.

Haven't dragged my bird book out yet to properly identify it yet. 

Got back home and took some more photos of the girl.

And her frozen little snot nose.

Can't wait to go riding again. 


  1. Kahlua looks quite happy to have her picture taken I remember when she didn't.

  2. Hah! Yes, she's doing much better with it now. I think she's used to me with that "thing" in my face and the clicking sound it makes. She's still not nuts about the flash, tho. So photos during the day are much easier to get.

  3. Looks like winter up your way!!! Hope it warms up so you can ride soon!! Kahlua is doing great! I'm glad she has worked out for you!!

  4. FYI -thats a dark phase redtailed hawk. You can see its red tail in the one photo of it from the back, and its under wing coloring in the flight photos. Hope Dean is doing good.

  5. Cool. Thanks. I kind of wondered because it wasn't as large as it should have been. The white was throwing me off. Has a big old hook beak on him too. Anyway, yes, Dean is doing well. :-)