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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ride off Clark Rd.

Emily and I went for a quick ride this afternoon.  It was a bit nippy and a bit windy but it was well worth it.  Nice and clear, gorgeous day.

I went out and gave a couple of carrots to both horses, and haltered Buck.  He came out willingly, and Kahlua was much less excited this time than the last time I took her new boyfriend away.  She basically stood and watched.  Good girl.

She's no dummy.  She knew Buck was being taken to work!

Buck.  Shedding like a madman.  Looks like a horse exploded here.

Here's the ride we took.  Went to the end of Clark Rd. and staged at the first turnout.  Then, I used my gps to mark a waypoint there, and marked a waypoint at the furthest point we rode, and then mapped the trip.  This is the approximate route we took (although we weren't on the trails most of the time and created a loop on the way back). 

The starting point is Clark x Sommer Camp Rd.  Distance was about 3.5 miles one way. 

Emily rode her 30 year old Arab (yes, 30!) who is in fabulous shape!  He's a bit tall so kinda tough to get on, especially for Emily who is like 4' nothing.  But she does a great job.

For those of you that don't live around here ... here is a gate that is put in next to the cattle guards so horses can get through (I'm sure there are other reasons these are put in, but this is the one that pertains to me, and it's all about me so there).  Emily's good at handling them, so I let her do it.  :-)

There's a fancy name for them, but I forget what you call it. 

Despite the bit of weather we had recently, the trails were bone dry.

The electrical lines were pretty cool and the horses had no issue walking under the lines or the towers despite the constant buzzing noise.

So much space.  As far as the eye can see.

This was our turnaround point.

The sun was going down quick, and it was quite chilly in the shady areas, so we picked up the speed through the shady spots.  Buck did great.  His gait is coming together, and I loped him a bit.  He was ready to kick it into a higher gear, but I will wait until he's in better shape for that.  He was sweating twice as much as his 30 year old counterpart!

The view ... blurry from my moving camera.

This looks like Lizard Butte to me.  I'm sure if I'm wrong, someone will correct me.

The next photo is a bit tough to look at, so if you're squeamish ... don't look at it. 

>>>>>>> Graphic photo coming <<<<<<<<<<<

                             >>>>>>> Graphic photo coming <<<<<<<<<<<

                                                   >>>>>>> Graphic photo coming <<<<<<<<<<<

Ok, I warned you.

This here is a bunch of dead horses in a large fenced-in area.  I don't know if these were wild horses, the ranch owner's horses, or if he was giving people places to dump their horses or what.  I'll ask around and see what this is.  I'm hoping it's a good thing since we don't have the option for the necessary evil of slaughter.

I'm not sure what the big black pile was, but I wasn't going to try to find out.

Beyond the spot where the horses lay is this ... looks like there's maybe a boarding facility?  Not sure.

Anyway, I am so glad I got out to ride for a while.  Thanks Emily!

Cruz is for sale ...

Purebred, ABCA registered, working bred male Border Collie for sale.  He's crate trained, up to date on shots and dewormer.  Gets along great with other dogs, rides well in the truck and is an awesome companion.  He's been put on sheep quite a few times, and he's a bit too much dog for them.  Scheduled to be neutered March 6th.  Small rehoming fee to cover cost of neuter surgery.  Call, text, or email 208-412-6107 -

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kiva ... I'm sorry ... AGAIN!!

How many times is this now?  Wow, a lot.  Another litter.  How many is that now?  5?  10?

" Kiva x FDGCH Hollowshot Trippin' on Sunshine NA, NGC, RPT, ADD, ADDCh, CGC, TDI

Litter Planned for Summer 2013
Taking reservations now..

We are excited to announce Kiva's last litter with Tripp!  There have been several plans to do this breeding but timing just never worked out.  And since Tripp is getting a bit older, this was our last chance!

Tripp is just one of those dogs who has it all!  Great temperament, personality, natural athlete and handsome to boot!  Where Kiva has a go go go kind of thing about her, Tripp is a pretty laid back guy.  Until there is something to do!  Tripp has produce many flyball and agility rockstars.  I have not met a Tripp kid that I havn't liked!  We are expecting puppies that can excel in any sport,  with a strong love for swimming :)"

Last litter?  Wow.  How full of shit we can be all in one sentence?   And wow, look!  They're producing Border Collies who love to swim!  What an amazing feat! 

And what I can't figure out is why would any reputable breeder breed their stud dog to a female who doesn't work livestock (even tho the owner's website claims she's somehow maintaining the working ability in the breed ... magically, apparently)????

Like I said years ago, Kiva, I hope your owner finds her brain and spays you.  You don't deserve this.  I'm so sorry, little girl.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kuna Butte

Karen and I intended to go to Initial Point and check out the fighter jet set of geocaches.  We pulled in there, and there were a bunch of people there, and a lot of gun fire.  We were busy pulling up the cache info when a flash and a loud boom went off, and that was enough for us to decide riding there wasn't that important anymore, and headed over to Kuna Butte.

So I was having a hard time fitting Buck with a saddle.  Of course, my Circle Y fits him great, but that's for Kahlua.  I needed to find a second saddle for when I take someone riding.  My boss gave me her nice older (very heavy) saddle to try.  It's nice, it's very western, it's comfortable, fits ok, but is very heavy.  Did I mention how heavy it is?  Borrowed and returned several others, recently borrowed a lightweight trail saddle from someone, and that one is comfortable to sit in but didn't fit Buck at all.  On Craigslist was a Cordura saddle.  I couldn't get past the fact that it was not leather, so I wasn't too anxious to try it out.  The positive -- it's inexpensive.  And since it's a second saddle, why do I care that much?  So I went and bought it with a 24 hour return clause and rode Buck in it today.

And I LOVE it!  It is SO comfortable, and it fit Buck perfectly.  Sold!  Even the fabric fenders are nice because there is no resistance in them, and they keep your legs warm when the wind is whipping.

We also put a tie down on Buck's head, and got him gaiting very nicely.  Made for a very fun ride!  Gorgeous day!  The sky was beautiful!

Here's Karen's cute little Tennessee Walker, Bebe.

And Karen.  Didn't those clouds come out cool?

And my chunk-a-munk ass.  You can sort of see the saddle in this shot.

Then look what I came home to!  Ewe twins!

The previous set of twins ... this guy is just way too cute!  And curious!

And his sister needs to start modeling her new line of underwear!  Doesn't that look like a pair of panties on her?

The proud papa.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Justin and Buck

Karen and I took Justin and Buck for their first ride today at Wilson Creek!  They both did great!

It was pretty windy and quite chilly, but it was a gorgeous day!  And the company couldn't have been better!  Here's Karen.

As usual, Kahlua was her awesome self.  I can't wait for Spring!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A New Direction

On Sunday, Karen and I went to an event put on by a local Meetup group ... to learn how to use our GPS units!  I've turned it on and had it track me, and have entered waypoints from where I'm standing and stuff, but couldn't put it all together.  This course was awesome!  Wally lives out on like 13 acres in New Plymouth, and had everything all set up when we got there - coffee, hot cider, warm cinnamon rolls, etc.  And I ate like a pig!  I haven't eaten that much junk food in one day in five months, and it was fun!

We started out in his basement where he showed us the basics - navigating the various screens of our GPS, how to make a waypoint from where you're standing, entering given waypoints, and more importantly, how to get to them.  He was so patient and worked with everyone thru each step and kept us all on the same page.  (Sorry, my camera was out of battery, so I used my phone.)

Here's Wally all the way on the left, helping someone out.

Going out to the yard to try it out.

Then he gave us some exercises to do.  He gave us a waypoint, we had to enter it and find it.  Here we are meeting up at the marked "post" that he gave us to find at the end of his very long driveway. 

From there, he gave us a new starting coordinate.  Once we go to that coordinate, there was a container with pieces of paper it in with coordinates to a new point, etc.  So the race was on!  There were five points to find, and Karen and I cruised through all of it, wandering around his gorgeous property.  This was a blast!

Then back at the fire ... we continued hammering him with questions, and he answered every one of them.

People ate like kings.  Wally had all the proper cooking utensils for sticking hot dogs and brats on the fire, and other people brought sides - potato chips, granola balls, strawberries and some yummy stuff to dip them into, etc. 

.... And beer! 

It's great knowing that we can now go out and ride wherever the hell we want to and have no fear of getting lost.  We have a habit of blazing new trails and it's so easy to get turned around deep in the Owyhees when everything looks the same.  

Such a fun day!  It was a drag that the weather was so shitty and we didn't want to ride in it so we went and played Bingo instead.  What a kick!  We didn't win anything, but there was plenty of people watching going on, and lots of laughs to be had.

Oh!  I also joined the Idaho Mounted Orienteering group.   I have decided I need to learn how to properly read maps and use a compass and this group teaches you exactly that.  They also go ride at really nice places and, from what I understand, are a very organized group.  I am really looking forward to it ... and spring!