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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kiva ... I'm sorry ... AGAIN!!

How many times is this now?  Wow, a lot.  Another litter.  How many is that now?  5?  10?

" Kiva x FDGCH Hollowshot Trippin' on Sunshine NA, NGC, RPT, ADD, ADDCh, CGC, TDI

Litter Planned for Summer 2013
Taking reservations now..

We are excited to announce Kiva's last litter with Tripp!  There have been several plans to do this breeding but timing just never worked out.  And since Tripp is getting a bit older, this was our last chance!

Tripp is just one of those dogs who has it all!  Great temperament, personality, natural athlete and handsome to boot!  Where Kiva has a go go go kind of thing about her, Tripp is a pretty laid back guy.  Until there is something to do!  Tripp has produce many flyball and agility rockstars.  I have not met a Tripp kid that I havn't liked!  We are expecting puppies that can excel in any sport,  with a strong love for swimming :)"

Last litter?  Wow.  How full of shit we can be all in one sentence?   And wow, look!  They're producing Border Collies who love to swim!  What an amazing feat! 

And what I can't figure out is why would any reputable breeder breed their stud dog to a female who doesn't work livestock (even tho the owner's website claims she's somehow maintaining the working ability in the breed ... magically, apparently)????

Like I said years ago, Kiva, I hope your owner finds her brain and spays you.  You don't deserve this.  I'm so sorry, little girl.

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