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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kuna Butte

Karen and I intended to go to Initial Point and check out the fighter jet set of geocaches.  We pulled in there, and there were a bunch of people there, and a lot of gun fire.  We were busy pulling up the cache info when a flash and a loud boom went off, and that was enough for us to decide riding there wasn't that important anymore, and headed over to Kuna Butte.

So I was having a hard time fitting Buck with a saddle.  Of course, my Circle Y fits him great, but that's for Kahlua.  I needed to find a second saddle for when I take someone riding.  My boss gave me her nice older (very heavy) saddle to try.  It's nice, it's very western, it's comfortable, fits ok, but is very heavy.  Did I mention how heavy it is?  Borrowed and returned several others, recently borrowed a lightweight trail saddle from someone, and that one is comfortable to sit in but didn't fit Buck at all.  On Craigslist was a Cordura saddle.  I couldn't get past the fact that it was not leather, so I wasn't too anxious to try it out.  The positive -- it's inexpensive.  And since it's a second saddle, why do I care that much?  So I went and bought it with a 24 hour return clause and rode Buck in it today.

And I LOVE it!  It is SO comfortable, and it fit Buck perfectly.  Sold!  Even the fabric fenders are nice because there is no resistance in them, and they keep your legs warm when the wind is whipping.

We also put a tie down on Buck's head, and got him gaiting very nicely.  Made for a very fun ride!  Gorgeous day!  The sky was beautiful!

Here's Karen's cute little Tennessee Walker, Bebe.

And Karen.  Didn't those clouds come out cool?

And my chunk-a-munk ass.  You can sort of see the saddle in this shot.

Then look what I came home to!  Ewe twins!

The previous set of twins ... this guy is just way too cute!  And curious!

And his sister needs to start modeling her new line of underwear!  Doesn't that look like a pair of panties on her?

The proud papa.

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  1. Great ride, well done on the saddle front, and wow! Those twins???? Beautiful.