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Jag.  Best dog ever.  He was so soft and cuddly and could basically do no wrong.  He was a great puppy raiser and ignored the teenagers who would wrestle constantly.  Always by my side, wondering what I'm doing, where I'm going, etc.  A fierce protector, had a great big bark, and a great big bite to back it up with.  Yes, if you threatened the household, he would bite.  After he died, it took me a long time to feel safe in my own home without him.  None of the other dogs even bark, no less handle the job he did so well. 

This page will develop a little at a time.  The photos are still tough to look at, but I feel my website is missing a huge piece without him here.  If it wasn't for him, I never would have gotten into sheepherding in the first place. 

My big majestic lug, and always with his paws crossed.

Reminds me of a miniature polar bear.

Never knew whether to chase the sheep, eat them, or protect them.

Fetched only when there was competition around ... (that's Rain, who is now with my ex-husband.)

Always smiling ...

Agile and fun ...

And was always there ...

Damn it, Jag.  I miss you buddy.  What I wouldn't give to wrap my arms around you one more time.