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Do you have a herding dog?  Have you ever wondered if your dog would work livestock if given the opportunity?  Well, come find out!

Instinct Testing is available at Knotty Pine Ranch by appointment 7 days a week. 

  • $25.00 per dog.
  • No previous experience necessary.
  • No choke chains or pinch collars.  Flat buckle collars only.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather.  
  • Still photos are fine.  No videotaping.
  • Plan to spend at least an hour out at the ranch in case there are other test dogs here when you get here.
  • Dogs are to be on leash unless instructed otherwise
  • Please pick up after your dog.
  • Normally, your dog will be put on stock twice.  The first time will be with a trainer who will evaluate your dog's interest and keenness.  Things can be a little hairy the first time around while the dog figures out what it is his/her instinct is telling it to do.  The second time around, things usually appear to be a little more organized, and the dog is generally working out a method. 

Future lessons are available with me, or I can refer you
to someone in your area.

For an appointment, please call me at (208) 412-6107.