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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trials, Clinics, and more Trials ...

Ok ... I've decided. I completely suck at trying to keep this blog updated.

First off, I'm divorced. It finally went through with no help from the ex. Literally none. Cost me a small fortune, but it's done now. I've gone back to my maiden name, and I think I have it changed in all the important places. Moving right along ...

Zip: I took him and Echo to a large flock AHBA trial with Janie in Western Washington the weekend of April 19 and 20th or something. I apprentice judged the trial, met a lot of really nice people, and was treated like royalty by the ABHCofWW. What a great group of people! I ran Zip in HRD III (non-compete) both days, and we did very nicely, adding two points to his AHBA championship. I think we only need five more points.

Echo: Like I mentioned, I took Echo to the AHBA trial ... and was doing it mainly for socialization purposes. Last minute, I decided to run her in JHD just to give her something to do, considering both dogs ended up spending a lot of time in their crates while I scribed/timed, etc. She did very well. I am going to run her in the started course this weekend. That should be quite a rodeo.

Oh, the trial this weekend ... yeah yeah ... that's the Gem State Herding AHBA trial. We're doing a ranch course, the HTAD course (2 & 4 - sheep and course #3 - ducks), JHD and HCT. We got quite a few entries and I am looking forward to a fun weekend. I'm running Zip in HRD III, and HTAD III on both sheep and ducks, Echo on HTAD I, and Skar on HTAD I. Went to Janie's this weekend to run the sheep through the obstacles (they would not go into them at all yesterday), and used Skar to practice with. She did great! In fact, Janie trained her for a while, and I wouldn't be surprised if she gives up on the Collies and comes to the "dark side." Hee hee hee ...

Two weeks from Saturday is the Shannahan Clinic. That should be great! I am laying some pressure on Echo now and really getting her kicked out. She's responding well, and I'm looking forward to what Patrick thinks about where I should go with her now. I would hate to ruin her. She's been an awesome pup. Rides in the truck well, has been going geocaching with me, hangs out, is nice and calm off stock and hot hot hot on. Such a fun dog!

Rio (a Jenn x Zip pup from 2007 -- Skar's full sister from the second litter) has been staying with me for a bit. Colleen has been raising her for Melissa, but Colleen has been out of town for work the last few weeks on and off, so I've been babysitting. Rio thinks she can get to China via my backyard, and she's quite an experienced excavator! I'll have to undo her landscaping after Colleen comes and picks her up this week. Anyway, she's looking more and more like Skar. So cute!

Janie's got all the adult ewes at her place now, and I have 21 lambs and a ram here at mine. They were quite noisy today (I just separated them from their moms this morning), but they seem to have settled down. I hope the night is quiet.

Speaking of which, I'm off to bed. No promises, but I'll try to continue to update this thing. LOL

Happy tails!
Jodi ... "Darling"

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