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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

I'm so bad about updating this lately.  I've been busy, and it's all good.

The sheep are finally fenced into their own pasture (the smaller one) and are taking good care of it ... in quick order.  That pasture, however, is not irrigated, so the rush is on to get the fencing up in the other pasture and get the irrigation working right there.  Hopefully, next year, this will all be taken care of and I can start fresh.  The goal for this year -- complete the fencing and get all of the irrigation working properly.  That would be great.

Carolynn is here with Brynn and Beth.  It's so nice to see her, and I look forward to spending some time with her.

The dogs are all doing well.  Reese is getting big (I think she'll be much bigger than her mother) and I really need to get some photos of her. 

We're thinking of going out to Colleen's property tonight ... (if that's ok with you, Colleen!) to watch fireworks over the Snake River / Marsing area.  Hopefully the sound won't be too bad (for the dogs) but the visual will be good.

Take care, and be safe!  So many idiots on the road tonight.


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