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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walking Lawnmowers

So here's a short update.  I haven't done much around here or felt much like blogging about anything, but I did accomplish something tonight. 

The sheep have eaten down the west pasture pretty good.  It's a dry pasture, so it went quick.  In the meantime, I grew up the grass in the backyard and the area next to the dog kennel, so they've been happily chewing on that.  And that's good, because my lawnmower is starting to cough and sputter and needs a tuneup.

So the water on the west pasture ... that was going to be tricky.  I am not really ready to try to flood it, and even though there are sprinklers out there, I am not into buying a pump and then having the electricity done, etc.  That's an expensive option.  But ... if you remember ... there was a mobile home out there.  So ... there's a pipe that's capped off.  I uncapped it, and went to Home Depot and bought all of the little pipe pieces I needed, put a riser on it, and a spigot.  From the spigot, I ran a hose to a sprinkler, and I now have water (albeit coming from my well) on to my west pasture.  I'm jazzed about that.  Now I can clean up the rest of the trash in that pasture and it will be done for the most part for now.

And then it will be time to start working on the east pasture.

Burned a bunch of stuff tonight.  Got stuff ready to go to the dump on Saturday.  I really need to clean my house.  Need to pull up my big girl pants and vacuum up the last of Jag's hair -- something I really really don't want to do.  Having it lay there isn't going to bring him back, though.

Reese has been quite the little pup, though.  She is a busy busy busy little thing, but she loves to cuddle and is very concerned about where I am and what I'm doing all the time.  Her and Echo play all the time.  Zip is not nuts about any of it.  He sees Reese coming and he starts looking for some place to hide.  Crabby old fart.

I have the photos edited from when Carolynn was here, and I'll eventually find the time and drive to post them.  Maybe.



  1. My walking lawn-mowers come with a fertilizer spreading unit too!

  2. Jodi, if your house is anything like mine, we clean and clean and there still is hair. I wouldn't worry about Jag's hair being gone. You'll never get it all up. It's funny you said that tho, 'cause when I clean behind my headboard I always think, "I bet there is still Nessie and Chippy hair back here!" :)

  3. Just read the beautiful tribute to Jag over at BCx4. While I did not know Jag and can't pretend to know exactly how you feel, I wanted to come offer my condolences. The agony of losing any dog is difficult. The agony of losing that special dog is beyond belief. Just wanted you to know we were touched and are thinking of you.

  4. I'm here via BC+4. I just want to send condolences on the loss of Jag. My Pepper left at the end of May and it's still tough. I haven't vacuumed under my table either.