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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tell Me ... Exploded!

1. What is the biggest thing that grossed you out over the past week?  Llama-spit.  On Bud.

2. What do you feed your dogs?  Dog food.  Diamond, as a matter of fact.  Hi-Energy.  I've been feeding it since Diamond got inspected.  They probably have the cleanest operation now since the world is watching.

3. If you could move anywhere where would you live?  Off the JW grid, for sure.  Or in a county where they are legally hunted.
4. What is the funniest thought that occurred to you (or thing that happened to you) this week?  Every time a fly lands on me now, I wonder if its mouth waters and it gets the spins prior to puking on me.

5. If you couldn't have your breed of choice what would be next on your list?  They say cowboys are a different breed.  I want one of them.  With a big foam hat.  On a Zebra.  And a sexy mustache.  (And now, ladies and gentlemen ... I'll be running for my life...)

Laura, it looks like your Thursdays are getting busier and busier!  Sorry to hear about your great aunt.  :-(



  1. Had to laugh at #1.
    I feed Acana, a Canadian made food that is easily as good as Diamond.
    JW's- the easiest way for me to get rid of them is to ask them to pray the Rosary with me..... sends them high-tailin' in a hurry......
    #5- I'd like to ride an Andalusian.

  2. Too funny about the rosary! I hadn't thought of that one! LOL!

    Oh an Andalusian! I love me a big, grey, gorgeous horse!

  3. It was tough going for me to get a post up this week - now I'm glad I did. :) As usual, thanks for playing.

    You know, that's mine and JP's philosophy about Diamond - figuring they'd be extra vigilant now that the world is watching.

    Oh, and llama spit? Ew.

    Thanks for the condolences.

  4. Llama Spit!!! YUK! never thought of that - don't have a llama.

  5. Doniene, most people think of saliva when they think of "spit." With a llama, that term was coined simply because of the way it gets ejected. What it really is is partially digested stomach contents. Here are some photos of a spitting llama that will give you a good idea of what it looks like. The smell, though, is really special.