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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rust and Dust

Worked on my trailer a bit today.  Here's what it looked like back in March when I bought it (which is still what it looked like this morning):

Yeah.  It's a huge project.

So I started sanding away at it this morning.  The neighbor came over and brought me his sander and I eventually went and borrowed his air compressor to blow the dust off as I was doing this.  Mainly what I was tackling was the bad rust spots, sanding them down and putting primer on them so I can eventually paint this thing.

Here you can see the difference between sanded and not.

This was quite a bit of work and took a long time.  The rust seemed to be everywhere:

So here's how far I've gotten.  Not far, but better than it was.

This was an entire can of primer on this back door.  This is not going to be fun.

Wheel before:

Wheel after:

I am buying new hub caps and am not going to try messing with those.  Getting rid of the rest of this rust is going to make my arms fall off as it is.

Saw this little guy.  I imagine it's a caterpillar.  I haven't seen a caterpillar in years.

I went to pick him up and he did this:

He becomes invisible, see?  ;-)

More updates as this project continues.



  1. Wow, What a BIG job!! looking good though! Looking forward to the updates.

  2. its a woolie bear caterpillar...they make kind of boring moths but they are kinda neat looking as caterpillars.