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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sisko Kid

I went and looked at a horse this weekend.  Nice guy.  A little herd-bound, but had some very nice training on him.  Neck reined beautifully.  Stopped on a dime.  A friendly guy and good on the ground.  

Meet Sisco.

The flies wouldn't leave him alone.

Poor guy.  I told him he's a mess.  I decided he was a red roan sorrel dappled overo bald-faced medicine hat paint.  Prove me wrong!  LOL!  A nice big horse ... nice smooth gait.  A nice ride.

I have another couple of horses I'm going to check out.  

Mark and I went to Ontario Friday night.  There was a local band playing, and it was out of the way of Bronco madness here in Idaho.  The bar was very nice.  The band gave us plenty of material to make fun of ... something we're very good at.

Saturday night, we went to THE FARMSTEAD and went through (and got lost in) the corn maze.  Then we headed over to the FIELD OF SCREAMS.  This is very well done and was quite fun.  I highly recommend it!

Next weekend, we'll check out LINDER FARMS with the kids.  For anyone who thinks, "How silly ... how do you get lost in a corn maze?" ... try it.  Especially at night where your sense of direction is a mess.  It was fun.  My feet hurt, as does my ... um ... rear end.  Thanks, Mark, for yet another fun evening!


  1. Odd looking horse?............Still, looks can be deceiving!

  2. Thought you'd like a blue eyed horse.