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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


K ... I haven't blogged in a while.  It's getting harder to sit at the computer.  I've been getting headaches almost daily now, so I went to the eye doctor and have a pair of glasses on order.  The corrections are pretty minor, in fact my vision is still 20/20, but I sure hope it is eye strain causing these headaches. 

Jammer and Reese are glad it's cold out.  They both love eating the little wood pellets that inevitably drop out of the bag when I am pouring them in the hopper of the stove.  *crunch, crunch*  Yuck.  I don't get it.

I got sick of looking at my living room with the ridiculous attempt at curtains and the glorified computer monitor as a t.v. screen, not to mention the lumpy futon mattress on the squeaky frame.  I also got tired of seeing those 7 Wonders of Idaho posters.  While those are nice ... I have tons of photos I have done nothing with but post on my blog where 2 people look at them.  So ... I changed things around.

The couch is a microfiber sofa bed.  The sofa bed part is brand new, in the wrapper even.  There is a little wear on the couch, but for the most part, it's quite comfortable.  The curtains are Walmart specials, which beat the hell out of the other ones I had.  Had Walmart also print a bunch of my photos and threw them into the gazillion frames I had sitting around the house.  The little frame on the table (notice I now have the complete matching set of tables ... coffee table and two end tables! ... thank you, Phyllis!) is my brother's obituary out of the New York Times.  I miss him like nothing else.  I can't believe I'll never hear him laugh again.  One thing him and my mom shared were great laughs.  Their laughs alone made you laugh.

As you can see, I'm not quite done with the room, but here's my new t.v.!  The last large t.v. I had was a tube, and it landed on the floor from the infamous, drunken Last Stand with the ex-husband and was never the same again.

I am still looking for a horse.  It's amazing the crap people are getting rid of.  "Yeah, he's broke.  He bucks sometimes, but you usually can stay on him."  Ummm ... no.  "Oh yeah, he has tons of miles on him, but I haven't ridden him in two years so he might be a little feisty."  Ummm ... no.  "Yeah, that's a crack in his hoof ... he might need a shoe-ing."  Um, ya think????  "I didn't realize that there was no protein in this hay, so he lost a few pounds, but we're fixing that now."  Ummm ... if you consider several hundred to be "a few."  Good grief! 

Took my saddle to my trainer's dad (he's a local saddle maker).  He's putting the breast collar rings on the front, turning the stirrups, and shortening up the stirrups for me.  It'll be nice when he's done, I'm sure.  I also bought a nice saddle pad from him.  (I put a foam pad in between the layers which is why it's not laying flat here...)

... and I also bought a new headstall from him also.  It matches the breast collar I'll eventually be buying.

Jam could care less.



  1. I have always felt that a change/spruce up of my house it the cure to the depression that will set in with winter. It just makes me feel a little happier in my own cave. I am making removeable covers for my (stained from muddy dog feet and with dog hair woven into the fabric) throw pillows with some new neat fabric. This way I can toss them in the wash when they get too dirty.

  2. Nice house! Like that stove arrangement.

  3. Room looks great!! It is always a good thing to update! Jammer is sure growing! Hope you have a great day!

  4. The living room looks nice! Love that saddle pad too, gorgeous!
    Jam looks ready to go work.

  5. Looking pretty cozy in that living room. Nice to see that you are putting your photos up too. Love the saddle pad.