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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Win!

At the risk of making myself look like a slob, I thought I'd share my experience with you this morning. 

There was a really annoying squeak going on.  Yes, a mouse.  It kept popping out from my floor heater and popping back in.  So I enticed it some.  I'd tell you to ignore the gigantic pile of dog hair, but it plays a part.

I figured out two things.

1.  Vans should get into the exterminator business.
2.  I have no patience.

And for anyone who would like to see a real close-up of the end result, I will post the link.  Be forewarned ... yes, it's just a little mouse ... but it even grossed ME out when I enlarged the photo!  Have fun! Click HERE to see it.         

No more squeaking!


  1. Now that is mean! So cruel!.........But thats what I do!Lol.

  2. If you call THAT a gigantic pile of dog hair, 1. I'm never inviting you to my house, and 2. You have never lived with Samoyeds.

  3. Snap traps baited with Hershey chocolate. Get chocolate just a little soft and stick it on. It will harden up. They can't lick it off like peanut butter, won't dry up like cheese and it doesn't take much to get the job done. The rest is yours.

  4. Thanks, Tim. The only problem with snap traps and chocolate or peanut butter is ... dogs' noses getting stuck in them. The bar bait you see is a very carefully monitored piece. The rest of that gets thrown in the attic and under the house.

  5. Besides ... I thought the shoe was pretty darned effective, don't you? ;-)

  6. Effective and more importantly EPA and environmentally friendly! Have use the same method on rats. Slightly larger splatter though!