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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kahlua has company ...

Just temporarily. 

This is Ricochet (unless I come up with a better name for her).  She's one of Emily's horses.  She'll be here this week so it makes it more convenient for us to get some riding in this week.  Ricochet needs a few more miles on her before I start bugging Emily to let me try riding her.  She is quite calm and friendly on the ground.

Her bangs crack me up. 

Her and Kahlua have become fast friends.

I made another cool Craigslist purchase.  I needed a larger water trough for the horses, so I found one for $50.  With a couple of bucks worth of bleach, it's as good as new!

So I put the other one in with the sheep and now I don't need to worry about them running out of water every ten minutes.

I gave Zip and Echo baths today.  Can't you tell?

Random ...

While Kahlua is no longer afraid of my camera ...

She's not really fond of me coming in and taking photos.  She always looks so put out.  Please ignore the saddle sweat marks.  We got back late last night after a fun night ride and I was lazy today.  If she wasn't white, you wouldn't notice!  ;-)

Remember that cute little ram lamb I bought?  Check out the damn horns on him!  He won't last long around here.

Back to work tomorrow morning ... yay!  (Yeah, let's see how long THAT lasts!  LOL)


  1. She sure is a pretty girl! Great pics!

  2. I like that horse!! great pictures too!

  3. Nice grey mare. Your dogs look like mine do every morning after a run through the dew, and the corrals.

  4. Very pretty horse!! They seem like a good pair!
    My Sadie dog just went to the groomer a few days ago, and you would never notice. She is such a mess already!!
    Those are some big horns on your ram!! What a cutie!

  5. Nice update!! So glad the job is going well!! What a find on the trough!! Perfect!!

  6. Nice pictures. Even the one of the rose. Almost looks like Serena took that one! I know, shut up asshole......

  7. Haha ... it probably would have come out better if i had my ballerina shoes on.