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Friday, September 28, 2012

One month in ...

... and 19 lbs. down!  Plenty more to go.  But what better way to celebrate than sushi for dinner with my gorgeous son (who lost about 80 lbs. himself), and a drink with a drop-dead gorgeous firefighter/cowboy?

Looking forward to a great day!  ;-)


  1. Hey, Jody, I have been such a slacker about commenting, but I have been reading!! WTG on everything!!!! Saw a photo on the USBCHA website that you took!! Awesome!! Love the new saddle - so glad that it is working better!! A saddle does make or break the deal!!

    Have a great weekend!!
    Love your hair in the facebook pic (side bar)!!

  2. Thanks Doniene! What photo? I haven't been following it ...

  3. Congrats, feels great, doesn't it? I'm jealous that you got to have sushi, too ;)

  4. Just now getting back to your question - sorry. I'm not sure who is was, but a man from Idaho and his dog. Just noticed that they had footnoted that you took the photo.