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Monday, December 17, 2012

Celebration Park

Rode out at Celebration Park on Saturday with Karen.  Fun ride!  I'd like to eventually ride from Celebration Park all the way down to Swan Falls.  I love how peacefully and quietly the river just meanders through the hills.  Could watch it all day. 

See that rock thing above?  That's a dwelling built by the Chinese I believe back in the mining days.  I am going to look up the history on it.  There's several of these structures still around, but this one was largely still intact, surprisingly.

Here's an excellent depiction of how well Kahlua stands around waiting for me.  I drop the reins and she stands solid as a rock, never moving a muscle until I tell her to.  I know she looks like she's walking off on me ... but no no ... not Ms. Perfect Horse. 

I love her new headstall.  Yeah, I know it's hard to see because it's black.  That's what I love about it, besides the quality of the leather and workmanship done by J-J Leather, Jeff Attebery out of Fruitland.

And here's Karen!  She's so much fun to ride with!


  1. Fantastic views and countryside! what did they mine?

  2. What a fun ride!! The rock houses are very, very interesting!! Looking forward to more info!! Kahlua is a peach!! And the new head stall is perfect!!

    Have a great day!