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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cool Stuff

Had a bit of snow the other day.  Love it.  Wish there was lots more of it!

Jaenne came over to visit for a while.  Fun seeing her!  And right after she left, I had a visitor.  Well ... the trees across the street did.  The little magpie was pissed, apparently.

Still getting used to this camera, but I am impressed with the zoom on this little thing.  If I had a tripod, this would have been really neat.

And my front yard. 


  1. Excellent shots, must have been some way away!

  2. Nice photos. My gosh, that is a backbone its eating. Wonder what too. I have a few eagles on the lake here, see my blog (yes...I did post). Cool to see them do stuff like bathe and eat spinal cords, a window into their lives.