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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Jen came over last night and we worked the young dogs. Tess is so fun to work with. She's so goofy, though. I am trying to kick her out on her outruns by standing between her and the sheep, and then getting closer and closer to her, and then eventually turning my back and sending her from a bit behind me. It's all working fine, right up until I am completely out of the way, and she then runs straight for them, does her "outshed" and then is completely baffled that there are sheep all over the place. It's getting a bit old.

Jen mentioned that it might be the stock wand that she's learning to avoid. I think she may have a point. I think I am going to start working on this in a much different manner to try to get her to understand -- and feel -- what's going on. We'll see.

On a good note, her "stand there" is doing great. She's calming down a bit out there, and she's maturing very quickly now that she knows I am starting to reach for her first when I need a dog ...

You're a good girl, Tess.


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