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Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Different Perspective

Worked Zip last night. I have one of those giant wooden spools in my pasture (don't ask) so I figured I'd use it. I rolled it over to where the handler's post would be and turned it on its end. I then climbed up (gingerly ... it's werry werry wobbly) and stood on it. Sent Zip on his outrun. (Saying "outrun" when you're referring to my little pasture is almost a joke.) Very nice. Lift. I can see the entire thing! Fetch ... I can see him! I loved it. So we actually worked a miniature ISDS style course and I could see him the whole way and correct him the second something was not going right. My neighbors were doing something with their barn, and probably thought I had lost it altogether. Oh well. It was fun!

Good job, Zippy.


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