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Friday, May 16, 2008

More chat, no photos ...

Ok, this blog is getting really boring with no photos. I'll get some photos this weekend and post them. Sounds good ... now let's see if that really happens.

Worked the girls last night. Echo was up first. I fully expected the rodeo before settling in ... but of course she proved me wrong. Went right to work and was awesome! I decided before I went out there that what I was going to work on was getting her to stay behind her sheep, lie down on balance, and then nice starts to her flanks. She gave me everything I was looking for. Nice, calm, effective movement of livestock. I found myself saying, quite often, "Very pretty, little girl." Even when we had an escapee, Echo was hot on its tail, but didn't lose her head and brought it right back to the flock. She stayed behind her sheep longer than she did the other night, and the tension build-up didn't happen nearly as quickly, nor explode with nearly the excitement, as it did earlier in the week. I could tell when she was starting to get would up, so I'd flank her all the way around and keep going. She was nothing short of lovely. Nice call-off. Listening well. Thank you, Echo Monster.

Next up was Skar. I love working this dog. She's very trustworthy and I am able to relax as little more (the beer was helping, too!). I am still working on the start to her "away" flank and making a little bit of progress. The second time I worked her, I had her in the round pen. She was freezing up a little, but was giving me a nice "away" flank when she would go. She, too, is getting pretty comfortable fetching, and just staying behind her sheep.

Colleen came over and worked Reena. They are looking quite lovely. It looks like Colleen is getting Reena to stop on a dime, and is working on small flanks with her. Looks great!

The weather was perfect. Sat around and drank a few beers (yes ... ME ... I drank beer!) and came in when it got dark and threw a pizza in the oven. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Very happy tails,

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