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Sunday, August 22, 2010

An A.D.D. Post

I love walking the irrigation canals.  I have been taking Reese along with me, getting her used to staying with me off leash and just generally hanging out without having to be doing something all the time.

She's been pretty good.  Today, though, she saw a duck, the duck saw her (not my ducks ... just a wild duck), and took off.  Reese ... took off too!  I had nothing.  I had to wait until the duck flew off before I could regain what I felt was control of her again.  And snapped on the leash.  Yeah.  I'm not an adrenaline junkie. 

We've been going down to visit my neighbors several times a week.  Right next door to me is a very nice couple, Diane & Dale, who own what I believe is an adorable little mini Aussie maybe?  Something along those lines.  Next to them is Diane's parents.  Wonderful people!   Oh what I wouldn't do to have my parents alive, together, and living right down the canal from me.  Anyway, here's Diane's dad.

He comes down and sprays my weeds on my part of the irrigation canal, and he and his wife, Brooke have been keeping me in a pretty constant supply of very yummy tomatoes!  I really enjoy going down and sitting on their deck with and just shootin' the breeze.  Lovely lovely folks.  (Brooke didn't want her photo taken, and being that I'm the same way, I totally understand!  I hope to get one of the two of them together some day though.  I'll plant the seed and see what happens.)

The other night, after visiting with them, I was walking home in the dark and was admiring the moon.  So I took a couple of pictures of it.  And then started messing with the camera.  Have you ever seen the moon ... like this?

... or this?

And here's a car passing by.

Ok ... changing subjects.

Bread.  I've been baking a lot of bread.  I had a friend that used to be a baker, and she tried -- without much success due sheerly to my stupidity, I guess -- to teach me how to make bread.  I have just been doing it and learning how to do it by the old trial and error method.  More error than trial, until recently.  I am now able to do this pretty consistently now.  And have it come out pretty yummy.

Went over to Dean (now I'm second-guessing myself and am not sure if his name is Dean or Doug ... there's his daughter Diane, and his son-in-law, Dale, and now I'm confused ... even though I come from an extensive line of J's) and Brooke's this afternoon.  Brooke has several hummingbird feeders out, and always has tons of traffic at them.  I finally remembered to bring my camera the last couple of times.

Hmm ... someone doesn't belong here.

And then up either side of their deck, they have this gorgeous trumpet vine growing.

And here's an old '69 Ford camper truck.  Check this thing out.  It's almost like new.  I love it!

I should have taken pictures of the camper part.  Really very cool.

Dean (Doug?) also showed me around Dale's workshop.  He's a woodworker and makes some really gorgeous furniture pieces out of some salvaged wood.  Amazing.  What a great place he has set up.  It used to be Dean and Brooke's barn where they kept their cows.  I drip with jealousy.  I'd love a barn like that. 

So I came home and just putzed around today, not really accomplishing anything amazing.  I took Reese outside to get some photos of her.

See how innocent and cute she is?  Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too, as I was looking at the photos I'd taken in the camera. 

The next photos I take of her look like this:

Why?  Why is she covered in weeds and panting like that you ask?

What's the rush for the water? 

Yeah, well, little Ms. Innocent and Cute dipped under the gate and took off, and basically bowled a strike right down the middle of my very flighty sheep.  I set the camera down, and entered the pasture, making sure to lock the gate behind me, and in the meantime, making sure I wasn't going to get flattened while my back is turned.  Off I go to chase down this very quick little dog.  A couple of times, I got her into a position to call her off, and even envisioned her calling off with me, and while she thought about it, it was a fleeting thought, and off she'd go again.  Ok, so that method didn't work.  Off to the rodeo again.  From one end of the pasture to another, over T-posts, rolls of fencing, weeds chest high, cinder blocks, etc.  It's amazing no one got hurt ... like me!  Picking up a switch and using it like a crook, I was able to push her out a couple of times and get her to go around the sheep.  One thing she didn't care about was the pressure I was putting on her.  I finally got a hold of her, told her what a wonderful little dog she was (even though I wanted to string her up by her ear hairs at the moment) and took her back to the deck.  There were moments of sheer brilliance, and moments of yeah-not-so-much, but all in all, looked like good stuff -- but nothing I want to repeat for at least a couple of months.

And now ... I have three dogs that are magnetized to the front pasture any time a door opens.  It was nice while it lasted.


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