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Monday, August 9, 2010

Gettin' there ...

Well, the front pasture now has fence all the way around it.  None of the fence has been stretched or secured to the t-posts yet, but for now, it's at least making the sheep think they can't get out.  I have about 5 more T-posts to do, then I can stretch the whole thing and secure it all.  The hard part is done.  Finally.

Took a weed down to the neighbor for him to identify it for me.  Turns out it's milkweed.  Anyway, got into a pretty chatty conversation and am learning about the different characters that live in this area.

The clickercrackheads are everywhere.  Watch out for them.  They're coming soon to a theater near you ... and they will tell you how to train your dogs.

Oh, speaking of training dogs, Echo has been quite out of control lately.  I'm having a hell of a time handling her.  I hear that homeopathic remedies work great, so I have decided to clickertrain her in the fine art of smoking pot.



With the Western Idaho Fair trial coming up, I am so glad I found something that will calm her down just a bit so that she doesn't end up eating any more of Don's sheep this year.  We might be able to get around the course.

One can hope.


1 comment:

  1. Mellow there, Echo?

    I am impressed that you think of the stretching as easy. Argh! I hate fencing no matter what part of the job you are talking about. I am totally impressed with the 1000 acre ranch beside me and all of their fencing - even if it is hired hands doing all the work.