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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dog Kennels

In the Spring, I'd really like to do a nice dog kennel instead of dealing with the dirt dog run I'm using now.  I love this setup, but I wouldn't have room for the building itself.  But this is kind of what I'm thinking of doing. 

 (Photo found at Raney Ranch Retrievers.)


  1. Karen Child has a really nice set up. It is simpler than this.

    It is poured concrete topped with a wooden decking divided into 4foot by 4foot cubes. The walls between dogs are solid and go right to the roof. The front gate and back panels of each cube are hog or goat paneling. The front gate is welded tubing with panel attached. Each kennel has 55 gallon plastic drum off the back. The roofing is wooden with a shingle overlay.

    It is one of the nicest kennel set ups I have seen. Very clean , good looking, easy to use and the dogs seem very comfortable and happy in them. It is one of the designs I am holding onto for when I get a chance to build my kennels.

    I think what I would change about it is I would spend the extra bucks to get heavy rubber mats cut for each cube and put those over the concrete instead of the wood.

  2. Thanks Erin! Off to write Karen and ask her for a photo of her kennels....