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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Favorite Season

Everything is cooling down.  I love it!  The air is getting crisp, and before you know it, the ground will be crunching beneath our feet.  Can't wait!

Reese is doing great ... she's been so fun to raise and hang out with.  She's kinda spazzy, way silly, but starting to mature and settle down a bit now. 

My entries are in for the GSH Thanksgiving AHBA Trial.  That should be fun!  There's two ranch courses each day.  One includes a serpentine.  I haven't done a serpentine with Echo yet.  I think I might set one up in my pasture and try it. 

The Sleddin' & Sheddin' trial is coming up in December.  I need to make it out to Dianne's a couple of times to see if I can communicate with her in the open field well enough to enter that trial.  I think I'm a bit paranoid now.

Was just looking at sleigh rides in Idaho.  It's something I'd really like to do this year.  I look at it every year and I never do it.  I'd like to find an outfit that has a lot of elk through the area they take people so I can take a lot of photographs.  Most of the sleigh rides end up at a place for a good steak dinner.  Yummy!  Merry Christmas to me.  Maybe I won't even limit my search to Idaho.

Got my hay delivered last week.  My neighbor down the road has grass hay and alfalfa, so I got some of each.  I'm feeding a little earlier this year than I have in the past, but I'm glad my pastures made it this far, so that's ok.  Hopefully next year it will all last a little longer, especially when I get some irrigation to the west pasture.

I also got a tongue jack welded on to my trailer.  Now to just get it registered so I can take it to Boise to have it "remodeled" to what I need it to be.

My son is staying with me for a few more weeks.  I love him to pieces, and even more when he lives with his friends.  Boys are just ... gross.  Fun, but gross.

So far, I've sold three dozen eggs.  I'm keeping the money in a separate little place, so when I have enough, I'd like to get one of those really nice coops.  Once Wilbur is gone, though, I'm going to have to put a door on the pig shelter because that is where all of the hens now hang out.  The ducks seem to still be hanging in the quack shack.  But there are a couple of chickens who go back there and lay eggs.  I haven't gotten any duck eggs as of yet.  It's ok though.  I like the ducks.  The dogs like working them too.

This weekend there are several things going on.  I bought several gates from my next door neighbor ... the lightweight aluminum kind ... a couple of them are like 10 or 12 feet long, so I will use those as openings to my west pasture.  I'd like to start dragging those over to my place tonight so I can start re-configuring the fencing along the driveway.  I think this will be the third time I've done that particular fenceline.  Such is life of a homeowner, eh?  Then on Saturday morning, I am going to work Reese if the weather cooperates.  Then Jaenne is taking me to Oregon with her so I can take some photos of Kip and Mo doing agility.  Saturday night ... I think I might have something to do that will remain unmentioned here.  Sunday ... I can work more on the fence, and then a couple of people are coming in the afternoon for instinct tests and to work dogs.  I hope the weather holds out.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I need to make it over to my neighbor Dean and Brooke's place before they send a search party after me.  Brooke made me some of the best jam from the plum tree next door.  Holy cow ... to die for!  And I have a jar and a half of it!  I'm stoked!

I talked to Couch today, and am going to push him to do a trial at his place.  He said he'd like to do an AHBA trial, so I told him -- this weekend -- we need to get a diagram of his place going.  I'll start looking at a calendar so we can pick a date and secure judges. 


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  1. I would die and go to heaven on a sleigh ride! Please share the information when you find it! Or better yet..invite me along! :)