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Monday, December 6, 2010

Attention: AHBA Judges and Prospective Judges!

If you're not on the AHBA Yahoo Group, you might miss this.  There was a post back in May in response to someone else's inquiry ... and then again ... here in December ... about the upcoming change in requirements for judges in the AHBA program.  The change has not yet hit the AHBA website, so you won't find it there, either. 

Starting Jan 2011:
Must have one level 3 title in one course/stock AND must have at least a level 2 title in a DIFFERENT course.

Starting Jan 2012:
Must have a level 3 title in at least two of the courses (HTAD, HTD, HRD, RLF) and two different livestock (sheep, ducks, goats, cattle, etc). Example: HRDIIIs and HTADIIId Or HTDIIIs and HTADIIIc, etc.

The rest of the post says:
Yes, earlier titles count. Around June/July of 2011, I'll probably be emailing those judges who don't seem to have met the requirements to either update our records or to discuss a temporary waiver.

The intent of the requirement is to encourage judges to be active in AHBA, to have experience in the stock/courses that they judge. We don't have "seminars".  The feeling is that being active in herding is the best means to be familiar with the rules and issues involved in herding. Queries can be addressed to me.

Peggy Richter
So there you have it.  I don't recall seeing any notice of a meeting of the members being held, or a vote taking place or anything.  Did all of those people who rushed to send in their money for their "membership" get a voice in this?  Anyone know?  Are you a member?  Did you get to vote on this issue?  I'd love to hear from you.

Are you an AHBA judge?  Did you receive some sort of personal notice of this change either by mail or email or something other than on the yahoo group?  I'd love to hear from you.

Am I disagreeing with the requirements?  No.  I think it's a good idea.  In fact, I'm not sure why the requirement to this point was a Level III title to be a judge in the first place.  It makes no sense to have people vieing for championship points being judged by someone who only has a Level III title and has not proven the consistency needed for a championship. 

What do I think prompted the change?  Probably people bringing in Border Collie handlers who have years and years of experience, who ARE the clinicians at the seminars judges need to qualify as judges, and having them run twice to get their title, and making them a judge -- and then further participation in the program (remember ... judges are NOT required to even be members of the AHBA!!!!) is optional.  This new rule will ensure that these people at least do it twice.  Which, I guess, is better than only once.

So, if you're an AHBA judge, and you only have one Level III title on one course, you'll need to obtain a Level II title on a different course. 

I welcome all comments.


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  1. Interesting, thanks for the update as I have not received any information as to these changes or thoughts of making these changes. I think it is a bit pushing it to require multiple types of livestock at Level III. On the same hand I can see why perhaps level III on ducks might not be as interesting and impressive as level III on sheep/goats/cows. It also can make it hard on the venues and prospective judges if they are only able to host or attend trials with say only sheep or cows.

    I think they should look at average scores earned by judges and there should be an incentive for judges to keep participating in the program. I don't know what that would be. They could require that you must turn in a score over 80pts every year for the first 5 years to maintain your judging credentials. I will think about this more. Thanks again.