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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Working Merles

This is me ... getting into the spirit.

Nothing much really going on.  Job is going well.  Home is fine.  Dogs are good.  Livestock is happy.  Haven't been working dogs lately ... just enjoying them. 

Thought about breeding Echo this Spring, but decided against it.  I'm going to wait until winter or maybe next year.  I really enjoy working her, and I don't want to have to worry about taking a big, long break right when the weather gets nice.

What might be fun is to find a young adult blue merle to start working.   Something like 10 months old or so.  Not picky about female or male, but am not into a smooth merle.  They start looking like Catahoulas.  So if anyone knows of a young - reasonably priced (i.e., not sport breeder priced) working bred blue merle available, please let me know, or refer the owner/breeder to me. 

I am working on some new ideas for the Stockdogging blog, and also for my own blog, so there will be quite a few changes happening between now and the new year. 

More later,

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