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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Western Washington AHBA Trials!

A couple of years ago, Jaenne and I went out to Washington and attended the AHBA trials put on by the Western Washington group.  We had a great time!   Their trials are coming around again.

St. Paddy's Day Rally Trial
March 11, 12, 13, 2011
Friday - PackLeader Farm
Saturday - Fido's Farm
Sunday - Frogsbreath Farm
Contact:  Barbara Davenport ( or
Elsie Rhodes ( for information
So, Jaenne and I are talking about going out there again come March.  This time, hopefully, we'll be able to attend all three trials. 
The last time we were there, we stayed at a pretty seedy motel, so I hope to find something a little better, but still affordable.  There's probably a Motel 6 or something probably pretty centrally located.
If you're interested in coming out there with us, shoot me an email.  The people that put on these trials are a blast, so this would make for a fun trip! 

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