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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Working Dogs ...

Several of us have been going out to Couch's on the weekend working dogs.  Phyllis, Glenda, Janet, etc.  Glenda and Phyllis are good at bringing goodies.  Here are some photos from last week.

Handing off the scary cape ...

Glenda, Bud, and Dawn Marie ...

Ruben.  He's a Peg x Riggs.  Yes, Riggs.  The 2010 NATIONAL FINALS CHAMPION!!!!!!!

Here's the Cash man ...

And Echo making a fool of herself ... trying to convince Shay that she's worth a second look.

Lie down, hussy, and pay attention...

Echo!  Knock that off!  Ruben is from royalty.  He doesn't want anything to do with you.

Here's Glenda working with Ruben.  He's a bit hesitant to walk in and prefers to flank off the pressure, but is getting more confident.

Here's Dawn Marie beating Cash for violating the code of silence.

Last weekend, I worked with Echo on the top of her outrun.  She really wasn't liking going in and picking sheep up off of anyone, but we worked through that. This weekend, I was back out at Couch's and just Don and I worked with her.  I got her (albeit slowly) way out and behind the sheep, and coming in straight on the lift, and having the come right between the pressure of Couch and Cash.  She did well.  Now I just hope we can translate that success over to next weekend at the trial at Patrick's.  If not that problem, I'm sure some other problem will rear it's ugly head.  But ... that's why we trial, isn't it?  To find those lovely potholes in our training. 

I haven't done any painting, even though I should have.  Reese has already excavated her dog box, so it is being repaired, and reinforced.  Little wench.


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