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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cute Rescue Girl

Meet Nana.  She's a 9 month old adorable ... something.  She's afraid of stock, which is how I ended up rescuing her, and she's quite timid, but adjusting pretty well.  But let me tell you ... she is as sweet as can be and just wants to be loved. 

She is up to date on her shots, and she will be spayed in the next week or two, and then she will be available for adoption.  If you know someone wanting a snuggly companion, this girl is one to check out! 

On Saturday, I met up with some of the owners of the Echo x Zip pups and we put the pups on stock for the first time.  First up was Zoe.  She was interested, but not quite sure yet.  

Then Jammer got her shot.  I don't have pictures of that, as I was the one that worked her.  She did very nicely.  Gathered well, was nice and calm, kept everything nice and tidy.  Mug shots.

Then there was Jade.  The hotshot.  She's gonna be a handful, but a fun one.  I don't think I got photos of Jade working, but here's her mug.

None of the pups are ready for serious training yet, but we'll start exposing them about once a month and see how they do.

Rita also worked with Jackson and Don.  Jackson showed a huge improvement over the last time he was on stock.


A few random shots of Nancy, Finn and Zoe.

The star of the day, though, was Rook.  He's got a very nice outrun, and handled his sheep very well.  Phyllis did a very nice job of handling him also.  Her timing was right on.

A very fun time was had by all!  Looking forward to next time!



  1. love all of your dogs. Nana could be a twin to Skeeter!!!! my BC blue heeler cross. My niece would grab her in a heartbeat if she was close enough . She is a graduating vet student and is totally in love with Skeeter! May I steal a picture off of here to put on facebook for her?

  2. Sure. If you can't grab it off my blog, you can get it here:

    If she's interested, we could probably figure out a ride for her....

  3. Can't get it either way , would you mind emailing me a copy? pretty please!