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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things that make you go, "Awwww!"

I bit the bullet this afternoon, and took Reese out with me to go feed Kahlua.  I knew going in this was going to be a pain in the ass.  And it was.  She herds the crap out of her, or as much as she can with me getting on her every time she looks at her.  By the end, she knew I was pissed and just stuck to my side.  I don't think Reese will ever be the dog I can take with me horseback riding.  The one time I did it last spring was nothing short of a stressful mess.

Grabbed some more hay brought it out to the sheep who are in my backyard.  The ram came up, and so did the young ewe.  But the older very pregnant ewe opted to hang back near the chicken house.  I know what that means!!!!  I put Reese away and went and grabbed my camera.  I couldn't wait to see!

I think they're both ewe lambs.  Mama wasn't real happy with me messing with them, so it was just a quick check.  Here's lamb #1 left side ...

Lamb #1 - Right side.

Lamb #2 .. is the one in front.  Kind of a roamer.

Even came over to say hi to Echo.

Because this one didn't seem to care too much about mom, I jugged them up, gave mom some hay and water and they are as protected for the night as I can make them.  Keeping my fingers crossed everyone does well.

Echo.  I love that dog.  She is everything I've ever wanted or needed in a dog.  She is fearless, but fair.  She's patient, but tolerates no crap.  And she is very very sensible.  I won't go anywhere near the ram again without her.  I did that earlier today when I first checked on the lambs, and he (my formerly adorable little Pepe ram lamb) was out to get me.  He'd come at me, and I'd kick him in the head.  Had to do that about 4 times on my way out.  I hate doing that.  I should have known better than to go in there without Echo.  He won't come anywhere near me if she's with me cause he knows she will kick his dumb ass.  I don't need to say anything to her ... she knows where to be, where to stay, when to walk up ... when to back off.  Just amazing. 

And then ... same dog ... goes up to the little brand new lamb and licks it, wagging her tail the whole time. 

As long as I've been doing this, I'm still awe-struck.  Watching these dogs work just blows my doors off.


  1. Awww, so adorable!!! Look at that bag on mama too, she's ready to feed two. Love the dog. Those are the best kind :)

  2. You are right!! AWWWWW. what cuties!

  3. Looks like I'm going to have to stop by to snuggle lambies!

  4. If I'm not here ... Be sure to bring a dog ... Or grab my shovel. Pepe is paying me back for letting all the girls this side of the Mississippi snuggle him so long ago.

  5. Just adorable! and that picture of Echo with the lamb... Adorable overload!

  6. Yes the do make ya go OOOOH! :-)

  7. Such colorful lambs! Your Echo sounds like such a wonderful dog. Are you breeding her this year?

  8. Thanks. Right now, I have no plans to. I do have some interesting events planned for this year, and depending on what happens, there's a small chance that may change. I wouldn't be doing anything, though, until this winter or next fall, if at all.