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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Remember the rose bushes I planted a couple of months ago?  Two of them bloomed this weekend.  The middle one (red) hasn't bloomed yet. 

Even my rose bushes can't escape the cotton evilness!

Oh, and by the way ... for those of you who thought my backyard would never get mowed ... I was right there with you.  Especially today, while I was mowing it, and threatening to quit every foot and a half when the mower would bog down on me.

But ... I stuck with it ... cussing loudly the whole way.  (I'm sure my neighbor heard me!)

Tomorrow ... I'm going to try to focus on cleaning the inside of the house.  My sister is coming up from So. Cal. to stay for a week or so, and I'm excited to see her!  It's been a while since we've seen eachother, and we're long overdue to hang out and giggle like sisters.  I put up a puppy pen just off my deck in the front yard, so we can hang out, have a couple of beers, BBQ, and hang out with the pile of cuteness!  Can't wait!



  1. Enjoy it. Its good to meet family after a while, Love the roses, and lets have some pics of the "hung out" sisters? Lol.

  2. That's great that your sister is coming to visit. What is the yellow rose? It's beautiful! The one with the cotton looks like it'll be the same color as my Morden Sunrise that's not blooming yet.
    Puppies, we need puppy pics! (Pleeeeeease?)

  3. Hey Cheyenne, I'll see if I can convince sis to let me post photos. LOL! We might have to bribe her.

    Shirley, here is the tags of the bushes I posted when I planted them. There's three bushes ... the varigated one on the left, a bright red in the middle, and the yellow on the right.

  4. OH, love the roses! Esp. the variegated one - that's going to be my next rose purchase next spring.

  5. Thanks!Love that orange one.