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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Pieces

What a day. I started digging the irrigation canal across the area I had the sheep in the other day so I could get water to the west pasture. What a nightmare. I love the trees around here ... they are huge and they are old and they provide great shade, etc. ... but they also have many many roots. And those are not fun to run into when you're in the middle of digging a canal. No, no big equipment to help me. Just me and my shovel. And my back. That no longer exists.

I got about 1/2 way to where I want to go. Will do more tomorrow.

Raked up some rocks from the backyard and put them around my rosebushes. Gives the roses a much more finished look. I like it.

Mowed the foxtails and cheat grass in the driveway and near the haystack. Have a lot more of that to do. Will work on that tomorrow also. And get my zucchini planted. And the pumpkins. Not sure where it's all going, but I'll figure it out.

Reese. This dog is amazing to me. She gives 150%, and sometimes that is a huge pain in the ass. Most of the time, however, it just makes me laugh. She's a quick study, though. Show her something a couple of times, and watch the wheels turn! I just love her.

With Echo in the late stages of pregnancy and through labor and now with pups, she's been my focus, and Reese has been getting the short end of the stick. So today ... Reese was with me all day.

I worked her tonight. I haven't worked her probably since the last time I mentioned it on here. The way it used to go is this. We walk out the back door, through the gate, she sees ducks and off she goes chasing them, and me running after her yelling something stupid like, "Don't you eat my ducks, you little bitch!" Once the duck disaster passes, she spots the sheep and off she goes running willy nilly around the outside of my pastures -- which includes the street! And me running after her yelling something stupid like, "You get your black ass over here young lady before I (fill in the blank...)!!"

Tonight ... was different.

We walked out of the house, out of the gate, walked right past the ducks, she'd check in with me every few feet, walked right to the gate to the pasture, waited for me to open it, walked in, lied down without me saying anything ... while I closed the gate and got to my sheep. And then it started. It was like a dance. She flanked beautifully, she stopped nicely, she walked up calmly, she fell into balance about 60% of the time, and corrected herself the other 40%. It was so nice. Something finally clicked, I think. When we were done, she cooled off in the tub while I pet her and told her what a good girl she was ... and we walked back up to the house, past the ducks and the chickens and she didn't so much as look at them.

I know people think I'm nuts, but really ... I love this little dog. She came to me at a time in my life when I really needed her, and here she is again making me smile at a real dismal time in my life.

The Pieces.

You rock.


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  1. That sounds like a good way to end a back breaking day. Love it when the pieces all fall into place.