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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exciting News!

Well, it is for me, anyway.  Since I bought this house, there has been one giant headache that has haunted me.  But today ... problem solved!  Thanks to my awesome neighbors for all their help! 



Yeah, I know.  You're all probably thinking I fell off a short bus.

Maybe now you can see it ...

Yeah ... WATER!  In the West Pasture!!!!  Finally!!!  No more sprinkler!  I can flood it out now!  I've been digging a canal for a couple of weeks.  Yeah, why did it take that long?  This might help explain things a bit.

This stretch of canal was nothing short of a giant pain in the butt.  Just out of the photo to the left are two huge trees.  So why is that a hassle?  Because of their giant roots!  I had dug the dirt around them, and in fact, dug big holes under the roots, but it didn't help.  The roots had to come out because the water would not flow past them.  Dean and I worked our asses off today with the Dale's recip saw (thank you, Dale!).  My recip saw worked fine on the smaller stuff, but I didn't have a long enough blade to get through some of the roots.  (Ran to D&B earlier and got some larger blades, though.  I'm sure these won't be the last roots I need to cut out...)

And here was the mother-load.  I left some of the stuff in the background to give you an idea of the size.  This one was probably 6" in diameter.

So ... yeah ... pretty exciting ... for me!  This isn't a perfect watering system by any stretch of the imagination.  For instance, I have water coming across my concrete pad that shouldn't be.  Another project.

That water then finds a resting place ... right up against my house!  And while the chickens like it, it's no good for the foundation of the house.  So this will be the first leak I plug up.

Then there's water coming over the concrete pad in the backyard, and resting up against the pump house.  Priority number 2.  But look!  I cleaned this area up at least!  Don't you love the cotton sticking to every wet thing out there?  Ugh.

But good news ... it's flooding the area where my kennel used to be.

And the backyard is now pretty lush ...

So with some tweaking, I should be able to get pretty good coverage this year, I hope.  It's been a long battle.

Oh, and I made my first ever homemade tomato cages out of some no-climb horse fence.



  1. I bet those roots are from those big ole cottonwood trees. remember I mentioned that there were huge cottonwood trees in the town where I used to live? The town cut them down because the roots were growing into the town's septic lines and causing a lot of maintenance and repair costs.

  2. You know ... I stood there and wondered out loud. There are trees that line that irrigation ditch, but they aren't cottonwoods. The cottonwoods are a bit of a distance away, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the roots off those. Oh and can I tell you how sick of the cotton I am right now????