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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Awww, shoot.

Had a fun weekend! Saturday, a gal from one of the local horse groups came over and helped me with Kahlua and getting her into the trailer. Two things came to light.

One: She obviously had a bad experience being tied in a trailer before, as she will not do it. She broke my trailer tie-down this time. However, when you just load her, she will stand there until you ask her to back out.

Two: She has my number. I am intimidated by her, and I need to step up to the plate, or she is going to continue to run over me. She is not convinced she needs to get in the trailer when I am at the helm, but when Cindy did it, she hopped right in. I really enjoyed watching how calm and statuesque Cindy was in dealing with her. Kahlua would constantly suck me into moving around, and the more I moved, the more she did. Cindy stool still, held her ground, and Kahlua respected it.

I have a lot of work to do.

Sunday, Mark and I went shooting in the Owyhees. We went up to Reynolds Creek, all the way up past the watershed and the little town of Reynolds, and found a cool spot to park and hang out. What a gorgeous day! Took Echo with us to see if she could adjust to the noise.

I love this ranch.

This is probably the nicest flying bird shot I have ever taken.  I think this is a light juvenile red-tailed hawk.

An old, abandoned homestead.  Loved it.

A different view:

We shot at least a couple hundred rounds, hit quite a few of the targets we aimed at, and I tried with everything I had to get a shot (like that really cool shot Shari Hart took ... if anyone is friends with her on Facebook) of the bullet leaving the gun, but instead, I have about 60 photos that all look like this:

This is the road we were going to take, but I wasn't really sure I wanted to attempt it since I wasn't familiar with it, and the ground was a bit soft.  (Hey Mark, talked to Dean.  He told me that at the top of this hill, there is a small section of this road that is "by permission only" of one of the cattle companies up there.  So we couldn't have gotten through anyway.)

Echo handled it all very nicely.  She didn't want to be right near us, but instead found her bubble, which was about 20 or 30 feet from where we were sitting, and even once or twice walked right up to me while Mark was shooting right next to me.  Not bad for her first time.  She wasn't stressing or anything, would just go find a shady spot to hang out in within her comfort zone and watch from a bit of a distance.  And here is the creepiest photo I have ever taken of her.


  1. Great photos! Even the "shot" one!! Beautiful hawk! Great red barn!

  2. love the pics, and sounds like you are getting Kahlua's number as well

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love that area!
    As for the horse, does she have to be tied? I've got one that doesn't tie, she hauls fine so long as I don't try to tie her. I can put the rope thru the D ring, but just not hard tie. She knows the difference. Quirky horses :)

  4. Mikey, she does not need to be tied. So I won't tie her. I just have to convince her to get in now. We'll see how it goes.