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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kennel Run

No more excuses.  My back is better.  Spring is here.  I need to get stuff done ... especially a place for the dogs.  I took my dog run down last year with the intention of re-doing it, and never got around to it.  Winter added to the mess and now I am getting it back together.  The ducks are safely tucked away in their run, the dogs need their space, too.

Here is the enclosure ... 32' x 21' ...

I've still got branches to trim, dog houses to add, and put in a better water bucket than the one in the photos, but the main part is done.

Add dogs and a few raw bones ... and voila!

Eventually, I am going to put another 32' dog run to the left of this one ... where the old one was.  That way I can separate dogs if need be. 

I'm not nearly finished.  In fact, this is just the start of the clean up.  Egads there's a lot to do.

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