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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow dogs!

We got a bit of snow this morning (which is basically all gone now), but I took the dogs for a romp while I had the chance.

This picture is nowhere near in focus, but wouldja look at that pompom tail???  Geez, Echo.

Echo's nose is all bent out of shape with Bingo here.  She'll have to get over it.  Reminds me of high school.

Zip and Echo...

The whole pack.  Looks like Bingo (far right) has all 4 feet off the ground.

Echo being ... herself ... again.

And then she poses so dainty-like, you'd never know she was a Monster.


I was mad at myself that I didn't get any good photos of Reese ...

... so I took Bingo and Reese out on the deck for a more formal photo shoot.  And, of course, had to shoot a few of Kahlua (who was none to happy that I did) on the way.

Here's cute little Bingo.

And here's her chunky "brother," Cedar.  I'm trying to take some weight off him before putting him up for adoption.

To give you an idea of his size, here he is next to Echo.  Echo is just under 40 lbs.

But ... he's awful cute and will make someone a great buddy.

 Here's Kahlua again.  She thought this time, for sure, I'd have a treat for her, and walked away right after I snapped this shot.

And here's my Pieces.  Have I told you lately how much I love this little dog?


  1. Wonderful shots! love the happy dogs!

  2. Kahlua looks so hopeful in that last photo of her!
    Your dogs look like they are just enjoying life. I'm still waiting for pedigree info for you, but I'll give you Tess's; she is purebred but not registered. Her sire is registered, it's Penny's dog Quill, and I'll have his and Moss's pedigree info soon I hope- I'll have to call her again. Tess's mother is my dog Reba, whose sire was registered but her mother Alice wasn't. Alice is from Molly and Cinch, who were both registered, Cinch was from Wales.Quill and Moss have both won their classes in various shows.