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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Change of Plans, Kiva!

Sorry, Kiva.  You don't get to produce swimming puppies.  Now there's a different plan for you!

"After a few possible choices, and some decisions later we are happy to announce Kiva's last litter will be with Johnny Cash.  JC is an all around great dog!  He excels in agility and disc, and was in training for Open level herding trials."

And his owner is now dying to breed him to a dog that does not work livestock!  Isn't that awesome????

Now ... instead of producing those awesome swimming puppies, here's what you're going to produce!

"Expecting Black and White puppies"

What an accomplishment!  It's SO hard nowadays to produce those kinds of puppies.  Very rare.  Congratulations to you and your owner, Kiva!

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