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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Clean-Up

Another couple of weeks and the water will be coming into the irrigation canal. Time to rake all of the leaves out of the little canals all over the property. Lots and lots of leaves, lots of sticks and crap that have fallen from the trees over the winter, and lots of rocks to make a fire pit with.  Despite raking and burning all day today, there is still so much to do.  Raked a bit here and picked up tons of branches, but still need to do a final raking and weed pulling.  But I love having this spot for the horses to graze while I sit on the deck and have a drink.

The walkway is finally clear.  Wish I had the money to lay some stepping stones, etc.

See all those wire panels laying on the ground?  Yeah.  They need to be put up. 

I trimmed back the lilac bush.  This thing gets out of control quickly.

Trimmed back that other bush (whatever it is) and cut the rose bushes on the left.  Raked up quite a bit of crap here.

Still needs more raking.  Ugh.

Dug a hole ... ran into lots of rocks ... got sick of digging and quit.  This is for that railroad tie, that will eventually hang a man gate for the pasture that just got cleaned up last weekend.

The burn pile where I spent the majority of my day today.

Raked out the little irrigation canals.  I think I'm about ready for the water.  Have a little more raking to do, but will handle that this week.

Damn hole.  Still needs to be about a foot deeper.

Here's another shot of the same area.  Too lazy to delete it.

Deck needs cleaning off, and that one rail in the white vinyl fence needs to be put back up.  It's startin' to bug even me.


  1. Both our farms are on lava beds--good luck digging that f'n hole!

  2. Thanks. I was going to put in a second railroad tie to secure the swinging part of the gate to, but I'm thinking a T-post will work just fine.