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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saving Daylight

Fun weekend!  I took Friday off from work and went riding with Phyllis at Celebration Park.  Didn't take many photos, but got a few of Phyllis and Patton.  Gorgeous day, little windy but clear sky.

She's a regular rough 'em tough 'em cowgirl, ain't she?

Saturday was way too windy to do anything.  Went for a ride with Dean through Melba then over to Marsing for a drink or two.

Sunday morning, got up early and picked up Karen and headed out to Bruneau Sand Dunes.  What a kick!  Riding a trotting horse in sand is one thing.  Riding a gaited horse in sand is a blast!  Buck was awesome!  We also met up with Shannon and her mom Leslie!  Haven't seen them since last fall, so it was great to spend the day with them.

Here's a map of where we went...

Pretty cool sand dune, huh?

Doesn't Karen's gorgeous horse look like she should be in one of those medieval shows, complete with jousting?  Picture her in full chain mail!

Blurry, but I love this shot.

And this one.

Not sure what the hell this thing is.

Leslie and Lucky (?) and Shannon on Diego.


Karen and Bebe.

Karen/Bebe and Me/Buck.


Buck, as always, was just amazing.  Thanks Buck!

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  1. That is so cool. I love the sand dunes!! So pretty out there. Looks like you have had some fantastic rides!!