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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Looking like pasture!

Well, after all of the bad luck I've had with trying to get someone out to do some work around here, I finally hit the jackpot!  Found a guy who is very professional, prompt, cleans up after himself, etc.

Hired him to get rid of all of the concrete that was left over from the mobile home, cut down the 90 year-old apricot tree (apricot pits are toxic to horses), put in a frost-free spigot for water for the horses, and get rid of that gigantic tree stump in the front of my house.  Here are some "before" shots.

I did some work while all the contractor was doing his thing.  Took down the sheep holding pens ... and the round pen.

Here's the 90 year old apricot tree that I was having torn out.

This lilac is staying though.

They brought the equipment in.

They made quick work of the concrete ... so much so that I didn't even get any real photos of the progress.

The tree was down in no time.  I headed to town to get some lunch for everyone.  By the time I got back, all of the branches were being hauled off, and there were only the trunk parts left to be chopped up.

Then on to the big stump.  Stubborn thing.

Despite the 3' trench dug all the way around it, they could not get the stump to budge, so they covered it all back up.  Will need to get a stump grinder out at some point.  A disappointment, but I got something else done I didn't expect to do ... electricity out to the pasture!  :-)

Here are some after photos.  Still a lot of work to do, but much easier to work with now.

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  1. Great photos! Thanks for doing such a great job of documenting the project!
    -Amy, Bar XL