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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well ... last night was a night I'll not forget any time soon, as much as I would like to. About 10:00 p.m. ... my mouth started bothering me. A little background here. With a combination of drug abuse years ago, bad dentistry, and poor dental hygiene, if I actually had money, I'd be a dentist's dream. Five years ago, after not having visited the dentist in about 15 years, I went and saw some pompous asshole in Boise. He told me that I needed about $12K to fix a few teeth in the upper right side of my mouth. One tooth is broken, and the other three needed pulling (so ... all of my molars on that side at the top), and implants needed to be done. I laughed. He gave me the antibiotics, things stopped hurting, and so I never went back. Over the years, when it would start to flare up, I would find someone who had some antibiotics, and put the infection at bay for a while. But ... I never dealt with it. I paid for that last night. Dearly. Around 12:00, I ended up packing my crying ass into the truck and heading to town for some pain killers. Anbesol and Alleve. By 6:00 a.m., I had taken 9 Alleves and went through the entire tube of Anbesol and about 60,000 tears. Ice was the only thing that offered me any relief.

So 9:00 this morning, my fat ass was in the dentist chair at Gentle Dental in Nampa. Those people were great. We've decided that the rear tooth is fine, and it will make a good anchor for the partial, after he removes the 3 molars. My appointment is scheduled for 2 weeks from yesterday. I may move it a bit because of the move, but I am going to have this done. I am tired of fighting this quadrant of my mouth.

Vicodin rocks.

Antibiotics are good too.

House news.

I got a call from the lender. He requested I come to his office and sign some disclosures for FHA. Okey Dokey. Janie drove me into Boise and we got it done. The appraiser went and re-inspected the house today. Unfortunately, I have no news about his findings as of yet. Closing is still set for this Friday supposedly. I am now cautiously optomistic.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

I really need some sleep.

Hasta La Pasta.

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  1. OUCH Jodi...hopefully the teeth are all better soon!

    Fingers crossed on the house!! FRIDAY!