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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back up ... for now ...

Well, I'm here. I unlocked it. Life has a way of putting things in perspective for you. I was just delivered some pretty devastating news, so my priorities have shifted, and stuff I cared about last week just went into the "idontgiveashitanymore" box.

For those wondering what happened, apparently the authorities around here surf the web and find websites of people who have more dogs than the county limits allow, and they go mess with them and wreak havoc in their lives. (No, it hasn't happened to me ... yet.) I will be working with a lawyer and local legislatures to try to update some fairly antiquated, not so-well-thought-out laws that are currently in place. In the meantime, I need to get my dogs all rabies shots ... again ... so I can get them licensed. If I get hit for having too many, Whiskey is the bottom of the totem pole.

In the meantime, please think really really good thoughts. Someone I love dearly needs them desperately right now.



  1. I am glad you are back up....I love reading you. My thoughts are with you....stay strong.

  2. What kind of BS is that? I thought you lived in libertarian Idaho? How many is "too many"? Good luck and fight on!

  3. Thanks ladies. Amy, from what Canyon County says, three is the limit. I have two small pastures up front. If I have one guardian dog in each pasture, that leaves me with one working dog. If that dog breaks his nail and goes lame, I'm without a dog? Does this make sense on any planet? So, we found the "Right to Farm" act and are investigating that angle, along with the definitions of "livestock" (so as to include the dogs it takes to produce and manage the livestock) and what qualifies as a "production animal"... We'll see. Several different angles.

  4. It's the same here in (rural) Nevada. Three dogs. Idiotic. No matter how much land you have, or how much livestock you have. Three dogs. You can have untold head of livestock, but only three dogs to work them.

  5. Have you thought about getting a kennel license?

  6. Yes. For a kennel license, you need a conditional use permit (the same permit you'd need if you were erecting a building), and what you need to do is pay $2,000 for the chance to present before the commission. If they approve it, you then buy your kennel license ($500?). If they do not approve it, you have to apply to get your money back. And what incentive do they have to give it to you? None that I can think of. And what does a kennel license get you? According to Canyon County, you can then own a whopping five dogs. According to the Idaho statute, it would be 15. But which one supercedes the other? No idea. In any event, having to pay out $2,500 (plus $35 per dog for an annual license) for the right to effectively be able to grow your own food ... it is not cost-effective, and you'd do better to go buy expensive fully organically grown meat elsewhere. And Idaho loses yet another farm.