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Sunday, February 14, 2010


I had big plans for this weekend. Was gonna get all kinds of work done on this place ... was going to work on emptying out my storage unit and not leaving it till the last minute ... etc. So far, that hasn't happened. The weather sucks. It was raining for much of yesterday, and now my favorite friend == the wind == is here today. No thanks! I ended up working my ass off around here yesterday, so I think today I am going to spend relaxing and watching the Olympics.

OMG ... the olympics! Was anyone as "lucky" as me to be able to see the video of that luger when he crashed and died (well, he didn't actually die in the video, but shortly thereafter at the hospital...)? Holy caruma! My thoughts go out to his family and friends. How horrible.

This house has a continual layer of dust on the floor. No matter what I do. So I sweep ... constantly. Seeing what is on my floor, knowing that most of that got hidden in the carpet at my old place, I am never going to have carpet again. No thank you. No wonder why people have allergies. Nasty.

I went and got 4 bags of feed yesterday. 50 lbs. a piece. I love hauling those around. In the truck, out of the truck, into the storage building, and dumping them into storage containers. Fun.

I cleaned out the storage building a bit so I could move the leftover tile, grout, thinset, paint, paint supplies and other tools out of my house. Was so sick of looking at them. Kirk came by and picked up the tile saw that was sitting in the utility room, so I worked on that room quite a bit. I washed the walls, and swept and cleaned the floor. I am not sure why. Here are the photos.

Janie and I painted all the ceilings months ago, and this is one of the rooms I haven't gotten to paint yet.  It will be a while before I do, so I am just going to start using it.  This is supposedly the "2nd bedroom" to my "2 bedroom" house.  As you can see, I have a washer and dryer in there, no closet, no light.  How they called this tiny room a bedroom and got away with it is beyond me.  No worries, though.  It's just me.  I only need one bedroom.  So like I said, I wiped down the walls.  No sure why I bothered.  There's still white dry chalk-like crap on the walls, probably from having the tile saw in their for so long.  And that slate tile floor ... that "lovely" slate was what we pulled out of the kitchen.  It doesn't matter what you do to it, it never comes clean. 

So I took a couple of my 40" crates and put them in there.  And the room got real small in a hurry.

The good news is ... the crates came out of the entry way and now I have a bit more room in there.

See the freezer on the right?  That'll go in the utility room ... somewhere.

Here's a shot with a little more light.  Yes, 350 lbs. of wood pellets.  I moved those yesterday also.

Light.  Photography.  YES!  You know what the "in" thing is right now?  Bokeh.  Yes, bokeh.  The blurry part of images and how "cool" they look.  I have a real fine example of this.  It's a stunny shot, so hold yourselves together.  Whatever you do, please do not steal this photo.  You could make millions off it (lottery!  I forgot to check my lottery ticket! I could be a real life walking millionaire as we speak!) and that wouldn't be fair to me.  Are you ready?  Prepare yourselves.  Suck in ... hold your breath.  I call it .... "Couch Bokeh"

Isn't it gorgeous?  It took a lot time to get that shot.  It was not an accident while I was fumbling with the other settings.  It's pure artistry at its finest.  If anyone would like to know how I got it, please feel free to email me about lessons.  Thanks.

My phography arms got tired, so I went and made some breakfast.

Yes, Kirk.  That's one of your pans.  And I'm here to tell you ... it will never be the same.  There's some stuff in that conglomeration that became "one with the pan."  I'm sure of it.  It's soaking in hot soapy water now ....

Let me tell you, though.  Those were the best potatoes on the planet.  I made some bacon ...

and some eggs, and served it with some of my fresh homemade salsa and sour cream.  Echo got to share some of it with me.  She approved.

Oh and I know people say I can't see the lake from my house.  I'm here to prove them wrong.  See?

See it? 

Here's a shot that might help you.

Right there.  See it now?

I'll enlarge that for you.  Here ya go.

I should have just called this place, "Lake View Ranch"...

More later ...

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