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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Country Living Will Take Some Practice

So last night, I filled up the water troughs for both the pig and the sheep. I did Bacon's first. Then stuck the hose into the sheep's trough. Filled that up all the way. Let the dogs out, put the grain bins back where they were, cleaned up a bit in the storage building, and was turning off the lights for the evening. I didn't know how cold it would get, so I thought I'd better unhook the house from the bib in case it froze. And went about my life.

Got home tonight and the sheep's water trough was dry as a bone. I looked around the trough, and there was no water leaking out of it. There is NO WAY they drank that much water in a day. Grain probably makes them thirsty, but get off it.

I finally figured out that when I unhooked the hose at the bib, that it caused a siphon, and I unintentionally siphoned ALL the water out of the trough by accident. Poor sheep! Needless to say, I filled the water back up tonight, and smacked myself for being so stupid. Good thing it wasn't 100 degrees out. (Then again, if it was, I wouldn't have unscrewed the hose from the bib for fear of it freezing, but whatever ... anyone even still reading this stupidity?)

Anyone like Frank Sinatra? My mother LOVED him. No, I mean, she's really loved that man. A part of her died the day he passed away. A friend just sent me a link to a wonderful song. Even if you're not a "Sinatra" fan, you have to hear this! Swallow whatever you're drinking.

Strangers in the Night

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