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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Psychedelic, man ...!

Well, I didn't go to the trial today.  I told myself this morning that I was going to get something done around the house.

Myself didn't listen.

Farted around on the computer this morning, then made plans to meet Janie and Kirk for lunch.  Decided to be a dork and bring my camera with me, considering I still had Kirk's awesome lens and wasn't done playing with it yet.

So on my way there, I took a picture of a place right down the street from me.  I love row crops.  Corrugates. (I learned a new word today.)

 So we decided to meet at Wingers.

Here's K&J.

I'm sure Janie loves it when I do this.  Janie, you're a beautiful person, and I love you.

Your husband ain't too bad, either.  ;-) 

Took some pictures of stupid stuff in the restaurant.  Learning how to use this camera.

After I left them, I ended up stopping for a beer on my way home at one of the local watering holes.  They have some Christmas lights hanging up inside the bar, and for some reason, I started taking pictures of them and messing with the settings.

Prepare for a lot of boring photos.  I'm putting these up so I can look back and see what I did.  Kinda cool, though.  There's just a lot of them.  I'm not into editing the photo after you take the shots.  I like making the camera do the work.  So here I go ...


Hmmm ... light-writing?  I read about this on the internet one time ... so I started playing ...

And I started to learn to control it ...



The sign of the devil ...




Figure 8s...

Ok ... enough of that ...
Bacon.  He didn't much feel like playing today.  He was enjoying snoozing in the sun.

 Saw this hanging in one of my trees.  Anyone care to guess what it is?   I don't have a clue, and have never seen anything like it.

 I wonder if it belong to this little guy.

Here's my buddy, Jag.


 Somebody at the other 1/2 of the brownies.

After I was done messing around at the house (burnt some trash ... putzed around ...), I decided to take Jag for a walk.  Grabbed a beer and my camera and headed out.  Here's one of my neighbors behind my house.

And just looking at the scenery ...


This is my next door neighbor on the west side.



My house ... closer up ...

 The neighbor up the street has some sheep.


 And while I probably should be drooling over places like this ...

 It's places like this that intrigue me ...

I love this thing.  I want it ... whatever it is.

 Look how cool this is ...

 I'm bummed I didn't see the little bird on the roof when I was taking the shot.  I would have done this differently.  Oh well.

Part of the walk home.

 This "thing" is in my "west" next door neighbor's place.  I know it probably has something to do with putting hay in the loft or something.  I just think it's awesome.  The sky was amazing.


  1. Did you get a new camera? What kind of lens are you using? Must know all the details! (please)

  2. The tree-hanger is last years oriole's nest.