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Saturday, May 22, 2010


The weekend is just getting started and it's been one of my better ones in a while.  I love good news.

Woke up yesterday morning, got my stuff done around here, and left to go pick up the trailer to pick up some sheep from the place where we have them grazing.  Got half way down the road, and had to turn around and come back.  I forgot Echo.  Hahaha.  Like I was going to get anywhere trying to load sheep without her. She looked at me, clearly saying, "Way to go, Sparky."  Off to a roaring start. 

Got the trailer, stopped in Marsing and renewed my truck registration.  Didn't have to buy new plates or pay anything to change my address on my driver's license, although, I didn't have them give me a new driver's license.  That would have cost $15.

Headed over to the pasture place, and hand-picked 5 black (or black with a bit of white) sheep ... a mixture of ewes and lambs.  Echo worked quite nicely for me, which I was thankful for, because the other night, she was so weird and working so far off the sheep, I had to keep calling her back in.  Then headed over to the gal's place that was pasturing our rams, and picked Pepe and Rambo up.  Took the black crew and Pepe back to my place and dropped them off.  Kept Rambo in the trailer for delivery to Janie's house.  In the meantime, my ditch rider and I connected, and decided to meet at my house at noon so he could show me how the headgate on my irrigation works so I could get it going.  Nice guy ... gave me tons of good information.  But I had a lot of digging to do.  Happy with the information, I headed over to Janie's for lunch.

The lamb who got mauled by a rottie the other day was doing pretty well.  I don't think she's out of the woods yet, but she's up, able to turn her head both ways, was running with the flock, and bending down to eat a bit.  We'll see.

I got home, and couldn't stand it.  Grabbed the shovel.  Went out to the irrigation ditch and started digging out the 3' by 3' area ... about two shovels deep.  Lots of dirt and mud.  Finally found the clogged up pipe and shoved the other end of the shovel through the hole and scored.  Threw several buckets of water in there and confirmed that it was going through the way I needed it, and then went back and broke the dam and let the water all come through from the main ditch.  Woo hoo!  I flooded the backyard area.  If I put a lot of effort into it, and get really good at it, I'll be able to, hopefully, flood my front pastures.

Enough excitement for me ... I went in and took a nap.  Felt great.

Got up and cooked the lamb I'd defrosted.  There was a quick and easy recipe that called for two eggs, some worstershire sauce, and bread crumbs.  Basically, you mix the egg with the worstershire, dip the lamb in it, then roll it around in the breadcrumbs and bake at 350 for 20 minutes on each side.  Not bad.  Not great, but good in a pinch.  The worstershire gets rid of the gamey taste, but not nearly as well as wine and rosemary.  The cut, though, was ... ummm ... odd.  On the package, Kirk had put "piss poor attempt at lamb chops."  I wouldn't quite describe it that way, but I know the last stuff I cooked that he cut was cut better.  He later pretty accurately described them as "lamb clumps."  There wasn't much meat on them, and what was there was hard to get to. 

I glanced out my windows over my deck and saw a deer in my neighbor's pasture.  Grabbed my camera, and quickly realized there was more than one.  The sun was going down, and I was trying very hard not to disturb them, so these photos suck, but they were the best I could do.  Here you go.

 My personal fav... wish I knew how to use my camera better.

 So today we've got instinct testing at Janie's place.  There's quite a few dogs coming, and then Jaenne and I are headed to eastern Idaho for the Jack Knox clinic.  I can't wait! 


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